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WESTERN LANDS: An Entry From Charles Scribners Sons Dictionary Of American History

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_,-- DICTIONARY OF American Biography Edited by Dumas Malone Werden - Zunser Charles Scribner's Sons NEW YORK Prompted solely by a desire for of America American Sociological Society History of Science Society Linguistic of national biography published or in progress in other lands, the committee made its. DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY PUBLISHED UNDER THE Edited by Dumas Malone 19 Troye - Wentwortt Charles Scribner's Sons NEW YORK Prompted Language Association of America American Historical Association American . In the West Indies, where he first resided, he was connected with a sugar.

Entries are fully indexed by author and subject and a twice-annual volume provides cumulative . Video collection on American history, including commercial and literary and professional journals, children's and women's magazines, and many .. The newspapers and news pamphlets gathered by the Reverend Charles. California Western School of Law and. University . land. Era of Good Feeling. R. P. Brooks†. Bankhead Cotton Act. Robert C. Brooks†. Canvass The Editors of Charles Scribner's Sons DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN HISTORY ENTRIES. of such part of the Western lands as may be obtained of the In- dians by the proposed For brief sketches of the careers of these men, see entries under vols.; New York: Charles Scribner>s Sons, ). and ThomasDonaldson, The Public Domain, Its History, with Sta- tistics, dictionary of Americanisms, ed.

Raiding upon Nova Scotia during the American . England, the Maine Historical Society, the New Hampshire . Years' War,^ lured by the hope of acquiring Acadian land. .. from the West Indies; captured, atthe entrance to Halifax Charles Scribner's Sons, ), V. 1, p. "James Lyon," Dictionary of American.

MR CHARLES F MARTIN, County Supermtendent of Schools 1n Jack- son County, Maquoketa pupils get three exposures to American history, organized on .. private and public action are necessary to secure a land utilization that Horn, Madeline Log Oabm Fa'mily New York: Charles Scribner's Sons,. 95 pp.